On March 24, 2012, a group of children in Cayey conducted an evangelistic activity in the Planicie sector, located in the same municipality.

In the morning, after a prayer to lead the activity, children accompanied by parents, teachers and volunteers arrived to this community where neighbors warmly opened their doors to them.

According to the activity coordinator, the children were divided into groups and each group was given a packet of literature to hand out. When children participate in this type of activity, they learn to be compassionate towards one another and develop a sense of solidarity which is then reflected in different fields.

"The children already have experience in this type of work, and they also enjoy doing it, which encourages us adults," said one of the volunteers.

Another teaching they are given is to work towards goals. “This way they learn to focus on achieving their goals with great satisfaction,” expressed teacher Michelle Rosario.

"Evangelizing is very important. I worry that many people need to hear the voice of God and read His Word, that’s why I always evangelize," said Ruth Gonzalez, one of the children who participated.

The children’s evangelistic activity ended in joyful songs, contemplating how the children were able to share their love and respect for the Divine Program with the community of Cayey; desiring a world with greater awareness of life.

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