On November 15, 2011, the church of Reverend Patricio Lara in La Florida, Santiago de Chile, was visited by Dr. William Soto Santiago, commissioned by the Gran Carpa Catedral Corporation (The Great Tent Cathedral Corporation), who accepted the invitation to participate in an evangelistic event.

Dr. Soto gave a conference entitled: "Time of Expectation and Preparation", based on the scripture of Luke 21:25-36, to highlight the importance of three aspects: time, expectation and preparation.

As to the time, he made reference to signs such as tsunamis, earthquakes, wars, economic problems and atomic powers. He made reference to what we often tell children, “don’t play with matches because you can burn yourself”; likewise, if someone plays with atomic fire is in danger, see Malachi chapter 4.

Referring to tremors and earthquakes that have affected many countries, he related these to human actions such as the extraction of oil from the sea, which creates a hole, making those places more susceptible to sink easily.

He alerts humanity to be in anticipation, waiting for the things that we know will take place, and recommends holding onto Christ, the Ark of Salvation.

"Right now the planet is in preparation and we must use that opportunity," he urged.  He explained: The preparation is Christ, it is important for the person to receive the revelation and knowledge to obtain his or her transformation after being baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ. In this way, we obtain the new birth in Christ, and therefore, heavenly citizenship.

"We must continue praying to God and serving God in every moment of our life," said Pastor Patricio Lara.

When the alter calling was made to receive Jesus Christ as Savior, 14 people came forward, desirous to be baptized and confirm their place in eternal life.

"I am saved, I feel saved, and I have the faith of transformation" said Mateo Paz with tears in his eyes after being baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ.

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