Good morning, beloved brothers and sisters present. May the blessings of Christ, the Angel of the Covenant, be upon each one of you, and upon me as well.

I wish to convey warm greetings to missionary Dr. Miguel Bermudez Marin: may God bless you and continue using you greatly at this end time, and may He keep you healthy and strong until your transformation. Also, Reverend Josué Villaseñor and the congregation there in Guadalajara, Mexico, where Missionary Miguel Bermudez Marin is now, and all the ministers along with their congregations: may God bless you greatly.

To all the coordinators of the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace who are with Gabriela Lara, there in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic: may God bless you greatly and use you greatly in all the projects of the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace that are carried out throughout this year 2018, knowing that victory is guaranteed.

Today, Sunday, January 14, 2018 the subject of the Bible study will be: “THE ROYAL SEED OF ABRAHAM.” Please proceed with the subject for this occasion.

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