Good morning.

Warm greetings to missionary Dr. Miguel Bermúdez Marin and Reverend Ricardo Villagran, and the congregation there in Santa Marta, Mexican Republic; also to all ministers along with their congregations; may God bless you greatly.

I appreciate and I am grateful for the support you are giving to the project of The Great Tent Cathedral, which is very advanced and we hope to dedicate it to God soon and that He uses it according to how it was seen by Reverend William Branham many years ago.

For today Sunday, January 21, 2018, we will have as the subject of the Sunday Bible school: “THE VOICE OF THE SIGN IN EACH TIME.”

Proceed with the video. And may God open the Scriptures to us and our understanding in order to comprehend the time in which we are living and understand the sign of this end time.

Proceed with the video and may God bless all of you.

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