Good evening, beloved friends and brethren present. May the blessings of our beloved Lord Jesus Christ, the Angel of the Covenant, be upon all of you and myself as well.

Warm greetings for international missionary, Dr. Miguel Bermudez Marin, there where he is, in Maracaibo, Venezuela. May God bless you Miguel, and may He continue using you greatly in the entire Divine Program relevant to this end time. Also, Reverend Jairo Ordoñez and the entire congregation there in Maracaibo.

For today, Friday, May 11, 2018, our subject for our Bible study will be: “THE SECRETS KEPT IN THE SEVENTH SEAL.”

The Seventh Seal is the Coming of the Lord to His Church, and therefore it is the greatest secret of the entire Bible, which is promised to be opened for this end time, wherein the Second Coming of Christ will be fulfilled. That is the greatest mystery of the entire Bible.

When it was opened in chapter 8, verse 1 and on, of Revelation, it says there was silence in Heaven for around half an hour.

That mystery is reserved to be opened in this end time, and we will all know the mystery of the Mighty Angel that descends from Heaven with the Little Book in His hand to give it to a man of this end time, for him to make it known to the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ and to make it known to the Hebrew people.

Therefore, there is a great blessing in that Seventh Seal when it is publicly opened.

Therefore, I would like to go on to the conference titled: “THE SECRETS KEPT IN THE SEVENTH SEAL,” which has been a secret for two thousand years and it will be opened in this end time.

Proceed with the video, and may God open the Scriptures to us and our understanding to comprehend. In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

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