Good morning, beloved friends and brethren present, and all those in other countries who are connected today, Sunday, August 5, 2018.

May the blessings of the Angel of the Covenant, our beloved Lord Jesus Christ, be upon all of you and upon me as well.

I would like to convey my warm greetings to Dr. Miguel Bermudez Marin, international missionary, who is in the city of Bogota today, in the beautiful Colombia; and also to the pastor, Reverend Fernando Cubillos, and the congregation gathered there in Gaitan; and also to Reverend Jose Benjamin Perez and the congregation here in Cayey, Puerto Rico; and to all the congregations in other countries along with their ministers. In the Eternal Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

For today, Sunday, August 5, 2018, the subject of our Bible study will be: “THE EXPLOSIONS OF THE SEVENTH SEAL.” In other words, THE THUNDERS OF THE SEVENTH SEAL, of Revelation, chapter 10, verse 1 and on.

“THE EXPLOSIONS OF THE SEVENTH SEAL.”  That is the Voice of God speaking the Word promised for this end time, and revealing the mystery of the Seventh Seal, which is the mystery of the Coming of the Messiah, the Coming of the Anointed One at this end time.

Please proceed with the video, and may God open all those Scriptures to us, promised to be fulfilled at this end time, and open our understanding to comprehend them.

You may proceed with the video.

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