Good morning, beloved friends and brethren present here in Cayey, Puerto Rico, and to all those who are in different countries.

It is a blessing and privilege for me to be with you today, Sunday, August 26, 2018, to share some moments of fellowship around the Word of God and His Program relevant to this end time.

May the blessings of the Angel of the Covenant, our beloved Lord Jesus Christ, be upon all of you and upon me as well.

Warm greetings for international missionary, Dr. Miguel Bermudez Marin, who is in the city of Barcelona, Venezuela; and for Reverend Jesus Barrolleta and the congregation gathered there in the city of Barcelona, Venezuela.

Also, my appreciation and thanks to all the ministers and brethren who continue to support the project of The Great Tent Cathedral: May God reward you greatly and may we soon have that place ready for the blessing of every human being. I desire for God to fulfill everything He has promised this year; and if not this year, then the next; but my desire is that we may soon be transformed and taken with Christ to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb; and that will be in the year God chose to carry out the resurrection of the believers who have departed in past ages and the transformation of those of us who are alive, believers in Christ on this planet Earth.

Therefore, we do not have a specific year, but in some year the resurrection of the dead believers in Christ and the transformation of us who are alive believers in Christ will take place.

Therefore, let us be attentive each year for our transformation.

For this occasion, we will have a video that shows us the advances of the construction of this important project. Proceed with the video.

[Screening of video]

Today Sunday, August 26, 2018, our subject of Bible study will be: “THE SEVENTH SEAL AND THE THIRD PULL.”

May God open the Scriptures to us and the understanding to comprehend them. Proceed with the video.

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